You Should Be Watching: The Good Place

Have you ever watched a show so good that you just want to binge watch it? Sure you have, everyone has. I have a lot of those shows, and I actually prefer watching shows that have a couple seasons out already because I don’t like having to wait week to week for new episodes.

Which is what makes The Good Place so frustrating. I want to binge watch it. And I can’t. But it’s so good that I am breaking my normal can’t be bothered to keep up with a show week to week.

It’s the story of a girl who died aka Kristin Bell. Except she’s the worst so Kristin Bell’s terrible cousin, Eleanor. She died and ended up in “the good place”.

But it’s a fluke. Only the best of the best end up in the good place, and you’re judged by your actions in life.

Eleanor was not a good person.

Her “soulmate” is a former professor of ethics. They aren’t really a great match, making them super entertaining to watch interact.

He agrees, begrudgingly, to teach Eleanor how to be good so that no one finds out that she wasn’t supposed to be there and she doesn’t get kicked out to the bad place. Which might happen at any time because the good place is a perfectly designed machine and Eleanor is a wrench in the gears that is making weird things happen.

In addition to just being super hilarious, the show also has some really interesting concepts about the afterlife – parts of which almost every major religion got right!

You get to live in a neighborhood with 320 people chosen to be compatible with you, there are frozen yogurt places on every corner, you get a house personally designed to be perfect for you, you get to fly, the list goes on.

From a show perspective, it’s got major Parks and Recs vibes and it also gets lots of points for being diverse! Yay!

Are you super excited to go watch The Good Place? The good news is that unlike me YOU CAN BINGE WATCH THIS SHOW!! Or at least the first six episodes. They’re all available in full on NBC’s website.

Stay magical readers!

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