You Should Be Watching: Quantico

I started Quantico on a whim because the trailers I had seen looked cool and my mum wasn’t home so I couldn’t keep watching the show we’re watching together. And the first season is on Netflix, so yay for easy watching!

Normally, I wait until I’ve finished something to review it, but even though I’m only 13 episodes into Quantico I need to tell you guys THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. Also I only started yesterday it’s fine I’m not obsessed.

This is Alex Parrish, our BA protagonist.

She’s intelligent, hard working, and super cool. She’s a FBI trainee and a suspected terrorist. And she has great hair. Which is not important to the show at all but dang girl.

Quantico runs two timelines. One is set when Alex arrives at Quantico for FBI training. The second is set months later when Alex wakes up the only survivor of a bombing at Grand Central Station and becomes the prime suspect.

THE MYSTERY. THE SUSPENSE. WHO IS THE REAL TERRORIST?? The only clue is that the terrorist is someone who was in Alex’s FBI trainee group.

Luckily, Alex’s trainee group is full of really interesting people who all have complex backstories, and who all seem like they have motives but also that you hope are not guilty. Also A+ diverse cast! There are men and women, there are people of different races, backgrounds, religions.

Every time I think I start to have an idea who the terrorist is, the show pulls the rug out from under my feet. I love shows that keep me guessing – provided that the show keeps me guessing for good reasons. Here all the motivations feel real, and the characters have to make hard choices. I’m so glad I have the whole first season to watch because holy guacamole I would not be able to handle this show waiting a week between episodes. I’m literally watching while writing this. Yay for multitasking.

So who wants to go watch Quantico?

Stay magical readers!

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