Belgium: A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

The nice thing about Belgium is that they love chocolate almost as much as I do. There’s also all the cool history and adorable old buildings and stuff, but mostly chocolate. Thus, a post dedicated to all the photos I took of chocolate shops.


There were chocolate shops on every corner. It was like walking into some sort of chocolate lover’s dream.


Everywhere you looked… chocolate shops! One here, one there. Sometimes two next to each other.


It was both a good thing and a bad thing that I was there with my parents. If I had been left to my own devices this would have become Katie’s Chocolate Tour of Belgium. I wanted to stop in every single chocolate shop so I could make a definitive list of the best chocolate in Bruges. My parents showed more moderation. Sadly.


Yes, let’s go nuts for chocolate! Except not literally because I don’t like nuts in chocolate.


When we walked by “The Place to be to Drink the Best Hot-Chocolate” we were too intrigued not to try it. After all, the shop wasn’t claiming to be the best hot chocolate in Bruges, or Belgium, or even the world, just the best hot chocolate. THE BEST.


You could buy chocolates to go in the shop downstairs, or go upstairs to the small hot chocolate cafe.


There were dozens of different kinds of hot chocolate you could order. I went with a standard milk chocolate. We got these bigger than your head cups of warm milk, and then got a chocolate cup filled with chocolate chips. You used the small whisk to mix them together. Then you add a ton of whipped cream because that’s how I roll.

Guys, this was the best hot chocolate. They were not lying. This was actually some of the best hot chocolate I have ever had and I drink a lot of hot chocolate.


We also got a Belgian waffle treat. I would have gotten a chocolate topping, but my parents suggested strawberries to avoid chocolate overload. This was also a winner.


We ended up buying a bunch of hot chocolate chips to bring home with us as well. I’m drooling just thinking about the hot chocolate we had there wow. The place that had this amazing hot chocolate was called the Old Chocolate House in Bruges. I liked it so much that I even liked their facebook page so they would give me a free sticker. Which is a pretty big deal because I’ve liked about three pages on facebook. If you’re in Bruges, you need to give it a visit.


If you’re not drooling yet, Belgium is also famous for their waffles. And you can get chocolate on them. Om nom nom.


Now that I’ve spent all this time talking about it, I need to go find some chocolate to eat.

Stay magical readers!

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