Mad Hatter Tea

When in London, do as the London-ers do: drink tea! One of the things that we wanted to do when we were in the UK during July was go to high tea somewhere. So while we were in London we stopped by the Sanderson Hotel for their Mad Hatter Tea.


They had different, unique tea blends inspired by the different characters in Alice in Wonderland. Being very adventurous we ordered the plain breakfast tea that was also an option.

So I didn’t get a picture, but the menus were hidden inside old books at the table. So cool.



I usually prefer hot chocolate to tea, but the tea here was really good! And the china they served it in was so cute.


There were a couple different menu options depending on how much food you wanted. The choice we went with had sweet and savory foods. We each started with a mini savory plate which had Scottish smoked salmon, quail egg and caviar scotch egg, Wiltshire ham and smoked applewood croque-monsieur, Cornish crab and herb eclair, and cucumber and cream cheese sandwich on fresh lime bread. Yes, I googled the menu because there is no way I would have remembered all that information. I just vaguely remembered that I liked the ham sandwiches, and pawned most of the other food off on my family because I wanted to save room for the sweets. My family really liked all the savories.


The sweets came on this cute three tiered stand. (Four if you’re my cousin and believe that the grass on the top layer can be eaten). Everything was Alice in Wonderland themed, and almost too pretty to eat. Almost. On the top layer were marzipan mushrooms and blue sugar chocolate caterpillars.


The second layer had little chocolate oreo cookies that looked like the Queen of Hearts’ card soldiers and banana bread mini muffins with butterflies.


And on the other side were little pocket watch macaroons, and red velvet cake ladybugs.


The bottom tier: If you look closely then in the blurry background you might see the sweet scones with jam and butter. Then there were little “drink me” bottles with sort of a citrus puree.


It was all really good. I ate mine and then ate some of everyone else’s that they were too full for because they made the amateur mistake of filling up on the savories. After all our treats, they brought us an orange (?) sorbet with an oreo cookie on top. They were served in flowerpots *screeches from cuteness*.


We had some unexpected guests at our table. Hello spearow!


We had been expecting a quirky tea based on the Mad Hatter name, but instead we got a very upscale, exquisitely crafted high tea. And it was great! I loved the aesthetic of the whole thing and the creativity of all the desserts. I should not be writing this post before dinner because looking at all the pictures is making me remember how good everything was and now I’m hungry.

If you’re in London and looking for a high tea to attend, the Mad Hatter tea at the Sanderson gets a thumbs up from us.


Stay magical readers!

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