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When I was younger, I subscribed to Seventeen Magazine. Now, at the ripe old age of 23 I’m still getting it because at some point they decided to keep sending it to me for free and who doesn’t love free stuff. Lately the magazine has been doing double duty for me because after reading it, I like to cut out pictures for using to decorate my agenda pages.

I’m used to the articles about celebrities and how to coordinate your nail polish color to your personality, but last night while perusing the magazine I came across something a little different – an article about recognizing panic attacks.


I am so excited that Seventeen magazine decided to include an article about this. I started getting panic attacks when I was younger, but for years had no idea what they were. Seeing the signs of a panic attack explained in a mainstream magazine for preteens/ teens is fantastic.

I was already pretty pumped after seeing the panic attack article, but a few pages later:


A+ Seventeen Magazine. Thank you for giving information about depression and giving practical advice for getting help. There is still such a stigma around mental illness that even if someone recognizes that they have the signs of something like depression, they may ignore them and tell themselves that it’s just a coincidence. Seeing mental illnesses talked about in mainstream media is so important for removing that stigma.

Also, Seventeen Magazine then included an article about life skills and used pictures of kittens. #winning


Snaps for you Seventeen Magazine, this was a great issue.

Stay magical readers!

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  1. Good work Katie! A lovely surprise for Redding today was to have a young woman who had been Abducted three weeks ago turn up alive today and reunited with her young children and her husband. A reason to be thankful indeed!djb.

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