You Should Be Watching: Scrubs

Midway through watching Scandal on Netflix, the whole politics where everything is going wrong started to feel too real given what’s actually happening politically in this country, so I decided to switch to something more light hearted. Enter stage right – Scrubs. I’ve actually seen Scrubs before, but I’ve hit that sweet spot where I vaguely remember some plot points well enough to remember I enjoyed it, but don’t remember individual episodes so everything still feels new.

Scrubs is a comedy show set in a hospital. Which is a great setting for a show because a lot of things can go wrong in hospitals.

Our main character is a young doctor named JD who has a very active imagination. The show frequently cuts away to show what is going on in JD’s mind and it’s great.

JD may be the main character, but the show is really an ensemble show. I love the cast because the characters are diverse and all have their own individual lives going on. We get a really interesting balance of different people, each struggling with their own problems but also helping each other.

Even though Scrubs is a comedy, it isn’t afraid to tackle more intense issues. When you work in a hospital, stuff goes wrong and people die. JD and his friends also have to face the challenges of growing up and figuring out what kind of person they want to be, and how sometimes when you take a good look at yourself you don’t love everything that you see. This is a theme that really started to resonate with me post college graduation, and Scrubs tackles it really well, showing characters struggling realistically and having to find different ways of coming to terms with who you are vs. who you want to be.

Officially, there are 9 seasons. For me there are only 8. After the 8th season, they switched casts for some reason. They also ended season 8 with the perfect wrap ups for all the main characters and one of the most poignant finales I’ve ever seen. So basically there are 8 seasons. Good news is that all the seasons are available on Netflix!

Scrubs is absolutely hilarious and well worth a try if you’re in the mood for a new comedy series.

Stay magical readers!

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