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If you haven’t figured out yet, I’m a huge Disney fan, so it’s no surprise that I was really excited about Moana and wanted to see it as soon as possible.

It was cute. Moana was adorable and spunky, and I loved her determination and her hair. The Rock Maui and Mei Mei, the dumbest chicken alive, were comical sidekicks to Moana, and Maui had surprising depth. Moana and Maui had a great mentor – student banter throughout the movie that made them fun to watch. In a more meta way – I also loved Moana’s character design.

I had heard a lot of great things about the music, and for the most part the positive reviews were merited. The background music and the most of the songs were really great. How Far I’ll Go is so catchy it might give Let It Go a run for its money, and it was very cool that the background music was obviously incorporated South Pacific island musical styles. I was a little less impressed with You’re Welcome and Shiny. Not that they were bad by any means, but I had heard such glowing reviews about the music that I was expecting each and every song to be a knock out.

The animation was fantastic. The colors! The ocean! Moana’s hair! I had heard good things about the animation and they were all well deserved, the movie was visually stunning.

Seeing the legends of a culture I’m less familiar with explored was also very neat.

I’m a little torn over the movie. I really enjoyed it, and I think it’s a fantastic addition to the Disney canon. But, I wasn’t quite as enchanted by it as I have been with other Disney movies recently. I think the problem is that I have a number of friends working at Disney who were able to see the film early, and they posted on facebook about how it is THE BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER THE SOUNDTRACK IS SO GOOD IT WILL MAKE YOUR EARS EXPLODE. Which, it was really good, and the music was also really good – but new favorite Disney movie ever? Eh, not for me. I think that the fact I was hearing so much hype built it up for me in a way that the movie could never have delivered on. I’ll be curious to see what my opinion is next time I watch it.

TL;DR – A solid movie from Disney, with cute characters and great animation. Go watch it.

Stay magical readers!

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