My Missing Christmas Spirit

The last few years, I haven’t really enjoyed Christmas the way I used to. The Christmas Season has always been one of my favorite times of the year, but I realized that this year I’ve been more apprehensive than excited. I’m worried that it’ll be like the last few years where it 1) hasn’t felt like Christmas, and 2) I’ve been just kind of bummed in general.

That won’t do. This is supposed to be the *most wonderful time of the year*. So what’s the cure? I’m not entirely sure, but I figure that going overboard on the Christmas Spirit is a good place to start.

Trolley Show

Katie’s Checklist for SO MUCH Christmas Spirit:

  • Listen to Christmas music.
  • Make Christmas cookies (decorated sugar cookies and gingerbread)
  • Watch Christmas movies – I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life, and last year I enjoyed how terrible some of Hallmark movies were. But I don’t mean just a few. This year I intend to go OVERBOARD and watch a copious amount of Christmas films (although I will also count holiday themed tv shows such as The Holiday Baking Championship – and I will wonder if they filmed them in the summer to have them edited in time).
  • Wear my Santa hat – I do this every year.
  • Buy my Secret Santa gift for the UR Quidditch Alumni Secret Santa gift exchange.
  • Buy presents for family and friends (or make them. I like making stuff)
  • Drink hot chocolate
  • Send out Christmas Cards – I wanted to do this last year with a picture of me and Jemma Jinx dressed ready for the beach with martini glasses and caption it “Merry Christmas from Sunny Florida” but then I moved away from Orlando before the Christmas season and lost momentum. This year it will happen! I bought Christmas cards last night at Walmart (because nothing says I’m in control of my life better than showing up at Walmart at 11 pm to buy Christmas cards, it’s fine).
  • Buy and decorate a Christmas tree (and potentially find my mini one from college for having in my room? That would up the Christmas but also would require digging through all my college boxes in the basement)
  • Go ice skating
  • See the Nutcracker (will probably be a filmed version, but may see if there are inexpensive tickets to a local production).
  • Read some Christmas books (I already have one – a corny teen romance set at Christmas!)
  • Decorate an ornament (just right now I decided that this might be fun)
  • Eat smores (pretend that I made them over a real fire)
  • Buy my SHS Angel presents (it’s this program that most of the local schools run where you can “adopt” an anonymous child for Christmas whose family might not be able to afford to buy them things and get them some items off a wish list – I always have a really fun time picking out stuff for my kids and it feels good to give back to the community)
  • If my Elsa cosplay is finished in time – visit children’s hospitals as Elsa
  • Find out if there’s an area with good Christmas lights and drive around looking at them.
  • Set up Mexican nativity scene. The only nativity scene I have ever seen with a mariachi band.
  • Make a wreath – all year I see Pinterest pins of people who make Christmas wreaths and think about how cool and crafty those people are. This year I will be cool and crafty and hang the wreath on my bedroom door since we have a real wreath to hang on the front door.
  • Bake a pie. A pretty one.
  • Paint nails red. Or Christmasy. Probably red, I’m not so good at fancy nail painting.
  • Take Christmas aesthetic pictures – artsy hot chocolate, blurry lights Christmas tree

Hopefully by the end of completing all these things I will be FEELING THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. I will keep you updated on if my plan works.

Stay magical readers!

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