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A few months ago I went to Michael’s Craft Store for no reason. This is not an uncommon occurrence because it’s my happy place and some days you need your happy place. And some days you need glitter glue or yarn or scrapbook paper.

When I arrived I was immediately lured over to the planner display. I love planners. They always make me feel like I can get my life under control and finally feel organized. This is a lie. My life is messy. But a girl can dream.

While I debated the merits of various planners on display, a young mom came in with her toddler son and young daughter. She also looked at the planners. I waved at the toddler, and then wandered back to the actual planner aisle, wondering if they might have the cover I liked but on a smaller planner. They did not. But the young mom appeared soon after. As I stared at the Happy Planners, she turned and asked if I had a planner I liked. I said I didn’t but that I liked the look of the Happy Planners. She said that she had one and loved it, but her daughter had recently commandeered it to decorate with stickers so they were there to get her daughter a planner of her own. After a few minutes of asking her son about the toy cars he had in order to distract him from pulling down sticker sheets and telling them about how I was studying to be a teacher, I wished them a good day and went back to the big planner display up front.

I ended up buying the large 18 month Happy Planner (which is a whole post on its own, I love it so much. I have become a #plannerperson).

2016-2017 BIG Happy Plannerâ„¢ - Stay Golden

Two weeks later, I loved my new planner so much that I went back to Michael’s to buy accessories. Because planners have accessories now, like stickers and cute add ins and stuff. They’re much fancier than the notebook like planners we had when I was in school.

I turned into the planner aisle and foundd that was already occupied… by the young mom and her two kids. We stared at each other for a minute before asking if we had seen each other here before (yes, yes we had). She asked how I liked my new planner (I loved it) and I asked if her daughter had chosen a planner (not yet, she had wanted to think about it and was getting one today). We talked about how I liked the larger sized planner because I could do my own printables without having to cut the paper to size. I found what I wanted and left (musing that I spend too much time at the craft store). We checked out at the same time and I asked which planner her daughter had decided on – the 12 month holiday set.

Once or twice I have thought about young mom planner lady, but mostly as a funny anecdote – oh hey, I go to Michael’s so much that I ran into the same family twice.

Today I went to Walmart to buy gifts for the Angel kids I “adopted” for Christmas. Part way through shopping I notice an adorable small boy (are you seeing a pattern?) and wave at him. His mom catches up with him… and it’s young mom from the planner aisle. It should be noted that the Michael’s we met at is a good 35 minutes away and in a different city. After staring at each other and asking “wait did we meet in the planner aisle like two different times?” we finally exchanged names. Her name is Janine, and she is a self-proclaimed crazy planner lady (it’s okay Janine, I am too). She asked if I was still liking my planner (YES), and I asked if her daughter liked her planner (nope she had re-commandeered her mom’s). Janine mused that she should probably just buy a new planner for herself, and I pointed out that “oh darn, an excuse to buy a new planner”. After we talked for a few minutes about how funny it was that we kept running into each other and talking about planners, and then we parted ways. But I’m sure it won’t be for long.

Until next time Janine from the planner aisle. I wonder where we’ll bump into each other next…

Stay magical readers!

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