Last Holiday

On my Christmas Check List, I included watching Christmas movies. Shamefully, we have reached the 11th of December and I have yet to watch a single Christmas movie. I have watched a lot of holiday baking shows, including the entire first season of the Holiday Baking Championship last night (they were having a marathon!), but no movies.

So tonight I was determined to watch a Christmas movie and happened to come across Last Holiday. Now, Last Holiday is a movie that I love, but always forget I love until I come across it on tv.

Last Holiday is the ultimate wish fulfillment movie. Queen Latifa, aka Georgia, is told that she only has weeks to live and so decides to quit her job and blow all her savings on an expensive vacation in Europe at Christmastime. She buys fancy clothes, eats amazing food, and tries all the things she has always wanted to try. In the process she learns a bunch of lessons and makes lots of friends. And it’s much better than the original it was based on because no one actually dies at the end (not that I’ve seen that one but what kind of feel good movie ends with the main character dying??). SPOILER but not really because look at the trailer trailer above, you knew that this remake wasn’t that kind of movie.

It’s set at Christmas, but if I’m remembering correctly isn’t really a /Christmas/ movie. Maybe it’s addressed at the beginning of the movie (since I catch it on tv, I inevitably always miss the first bit of the movie). I remember that the end takes place over New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s… That said, it’s a feel good movie about finding yourself and being a good person and there’s snow, so it’s close enough to a Christmas movie.

The downside to watching this movie on tv is that they cut it slightly so you lose some of the jokes and random feel good moments, and they play so many commercials that the short movie turns into a three or four hour event. Last time I watched this movie the final scene got cut up into about four pieces. Which is saying something because when played from start to finish it is maybe like ten minutes worth of film. I get that commercials make networks money, but you shouldn’t be cutting to a commercial in the middle of a single scene. It’s rude and you lose all the feelings and momentum. We’ll see how it goes this time.

Either way, it’s always a delight Last Holiday. Hopefully now that I’ve written a blog I actually remember you. If not, I’m sure I’ll catch you on tv again soon.

Stay magical readers!

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