2016 Resolutions in Review

Edit: I just found out from an email subscriber that this post emailed oddly, with some of the coding not working properly. My apologies!

It’s 11 pm on 12/31/2016, which means that it is the perfect time to think about the past year and see how well (or not well) I did in my resolutions for the year.

The first goal was Learn to Sew. I even had specific goals within this larger goal:

  • Sew something using a pattern
  • Sew something that can be worn in real life
  • Sew a cosplay of a character I like
  • Sew a historical costume

This goal went pretty well! I sewed my fantasy maiden costume using a pattern, and I made a skirt from Star Wars fabric that can be worn in real life. I also sewed and cosplayed Belle from Once Upon a Time. However, I did not sew a historical costume. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. Especially as I did some other sewing projects – such as many pillows.

I still have a long way to go until I’ll feel confident in my sewing abilities, but I made a strong start this year!

Goal number two: Write my Novel

Well, I did Nanowrimo again. So I did write a 50,000 word novel this year, but I didn’t write and edit a novel to completion as was my goal. That said, every time I write I feel more confident in my writing and more pleased with what I’ve written. This Nanowrimo was the first I’ve done where I feel like, with the addition of a couple more chapters to wrap up some storylines, is actually pretty solidly on its way being something publishable. Woohoo!

Exercise/ Train for the Princess Half-Marathon!

Well, I did end up running the Enchanted 10K, but my knees were so trashed that I couldn’t run the Princess Half-Marathon the next day. Actually I basically couldn’t walk for a week after, but I did get a shiny medal.

I also ended up running in a second race this year, the Pumpkin Run! It was a 4K, which is an odd measurement for a race. My mum did it with me. We ended up walking most of it to cheer up a sad little girl who was walking with her own mom, but it was a lot of fun and there was pumpkin pie after.

I’m pretty pleased over all with how this goal went because I did keep up exercising every week, but I am frustrated that over a year later my knees are still giving me trouble.

¡Learn Spanish!

Hahaaaaa, I did absolutely nothing toward this goal I will not even pretend. It actually would have been more useful for me to brush up my French given how many French speaking areas we visited this year. Which leads me to…


I had the opportunity to travel so much this year and I feel so lucky. I went to five, that’s right FIVE, other countries this year. WOW. Canada, England, Wales, Belgium, and the Netherlands. And three of those I had never visited before. So that was amazing.

That’s not to mention the awesome travel I got to do in the states.

I finished this post as the new year turned so happy 2017 readers! My new resolutions for the year will appear later today, but for now enjoy the fireworks or, like me, watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper giggle at each other.

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