Breakaway Cafe – Chapel Hill, NC Review

Tonight we tried one of the new restaurants that opened near us recently outside Chapel Hill – Breakaway Cafe. My parents had gone once before to get breakfast, but none of us had never tried their dinner menu before.

Breakaway Cafe - Briar Chapel, NC

I figured we were off to a good start when I saw this sign in the window. With Lord Dampnut the Orange Menace running the country things have been going downhill quickly. I see so many news articles talking about the ways people are discriminating against others, so it’s so it’s nice to see some positivity.

Breakaway Cafe - Briar Chapel, NC

The inside of Breakaway Cafe is cute, with a vague bicycle theme. There were some framed bicycle shirts and posters, and the television was on the cycling channel. Breakway Cafe loses a couple points for dimming their lights part of the way through our meal for “mood lighting”. Why do restaurants do that? I feel like it’s a trend everywhere we go now, but I like to see the food I’m eating. #petitiontokeepthelightson

Breakaway Cafe - Briar Chapel, NC

All three of us ordered the braised beef with crispy roasted Yukon potatoes and black beans. The beef was fall apart tender, and the potatoes were the perfect blend of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. There was also a good sized portion of them. The beans were a little on the spicy side for me, but nicely seasoned. Today I learned that I don’t like pickled onions. You learn something every day.

Breakaway Cafe - Briar Chapel, NC

Breakaway Cafe’s dessert menu looked amazing, but I bought some cupcake mix earlier that I had planned to make. My family is already making plans to go back to try the pie and ice cream.

Not particularly important for a restaurant review, but I’m a sucker for pretty flowers, and Breakaway Cafe had some nice little bouquets on their tables.

Breakaway Cafe - Briar Chapel, NC

Our server said that they change their menu every week, which is both sad because I really liked the braised beef, but also exciting because it’s fun to have the chance to try different things. Breakaway Cafe is a nice addition to our area and I can’t wait to see what new menu options they add in the future. And I want to go back for breakfast because breakfast food is the best.

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