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At the end of 2016, I sat on the couch in our craft room, much like I am doing right now, and thought about what I wanted 2017 to look like. Thinking abstractly about the future proved too overwhelming, so instead I went on Pinterest. This proved a terrible idea, because Pinterest is littered with pictures of pretty people doing pretty things in pretty clothes and in pretty places all while being unfairly photogenic. I thought to myself: Why do these people get to do all these awesome things? Why am I not doing more of these awesome things too? It’s hard to get the things you’re dreaming of if you don’t know what those dreams are. In that moment I realized that I might not clearly know what I wanted 2017 to look, but that if I created a board and pinned enough things, some common elements might shine through and guide me. Enter my 2017 Aesthetic Board.

I’m not sure if I’m always hungry when I’m on Pinterest or if I just like looking at pretty pictures of food, but according to my board I want to eat lots of pretty, Instagrammable things in 2017.

This is one thing about my board that didn’t surprise me: I want to travel. Judging by the pictures I pinned, not only do I want to travel, but I want to travel and have someone take artsy travel photos of me. How do people do this? Do they always travel with a photographer friend? Are they shameless in asking strangers to take photos while they dance or pose dramatically? Do they set their camera up on timer and then turn away? Who knows. In 2017 however, I wish to join their ranks.

Another trend that wasn’t a big surprise was that I want to visit Disneyworld and Disneyland. And again with good photos. Really how do people get artsy photos of themselves?? Someone teach me your ways.

I didn’t realize this one was a pattern until I looked through my board – I’ve pinned a lot of photos of friends doing stuff. Like riding bikes and wearing matching flowers in their hair and hugging on mountaintops. I guess I need to spend more time visiting and/ or making friends. How do people make friends as adults? How do you make friends when after working all day the only thing you want to do is sleep?

Looking at these pictures, it would be easy to assume that I want to be this stylish redhead who lives in Ireland with her Irish husband and has adorable clothes. You would be mostly right: I want to have cute clothes (I have lots of other pins of cute clothes too), I want to travel around Europe, and I also love red hair, although I would never dye mine.

I like these polaroid type cameras. Luckily I got one for Christmas. I’m at least a little of the way toward living my 2017 Aesthetic Pinterest board!

There are a few other patterns that emerge when looking through my pins. I have pinned a lot of beachy/ summery pictures. While I like summer, and I love the aesthetic of beaches and the tropics, I’m too pale to feel comfortable just laying out in the sun. However, I wouldn’t say no to a vacation in the tropics if anyone was feeling generous *hint hint*. Then there are photos of pretty books, and pretty rooms, and pretty decorations. Those are self explanatory.  For some reason, I have also pinned a lot of pins of bicycles? I loved riding my bike in China where everything was amazingly flat. Then we moved back to the States and there are hills everywhereeee. So I haven’t really biked in a long time. I guess I miss it more than I realized.

There you have it. In my dream life I would travel (particularly to Disney and the tropics?) while wearing fabulous clothes, and eating amazing food. Someone would take artsy photos of me doing these things – possibly my friends. I myself would take artsy photos with my instamax camera and ride my bike more. That said, I think the most important common thread between all these photos is that, to me, these things represent happiness. And isn’t that the ultimate goal?

What about you guys? What would your dream life look like if it was decided by your Pinterest pins?

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