Katie Eats: JuJuBe in Chapel Hill, NC

On Wednesday, prior to seeing a charming production of Twelfth Night, my parents, their friend Renee, and I went to JuJuBe in Chapel Hill.

JuJueBe Chapel Hill

I knew we were eating out, but I assumed it would be our standard pre-theater steak-frites type affair. Walking into an Asian fusion restaurant instead was quite a surprise. I didn’t get any pictures of the decor, but I really liked it. Lanterns hung from the ceiling, and black and white photographs of Asian culture decorated the red walls. My favorite was a portrait of a very happy looking old man.

I rarely order appetizers on my own, but when my dad ordered a trio for the table I was happy to help with consumption.

JuJueBe Chapel Hill

The first, and my favorite? The sweet potato and cilantro fritters. I am not a cilantro fan, but you couldn’t even taste it in these. Instead they tasted like fried mashed potatoes, which basically means they were excellent.

Jujube Chapell hill

We also ordered two types of dumplings. I don’t remember which picture is of which kind of dumpling. The one here, I’m pretty sure, is the steamed bbq pork belly. It had a kind of smokey bacon flavor. The second (the picture below this one), is the pan-fried pork and cabbage dumpling.

JuJueBe Chapel Hill

JuJueBe Chapel Hill

For my entree, I strayed away from my usual comfort zone of chicken and ordered salmon. It came with collard greens and 5 spice mashed sweet potatoes. The salmon was fine, but I really liked the potatoes! ALL the carbs!

JuJueBe Chapel Hill

I’m always a little intimidated by the menus at Asian fusion restaurants because I’m not as familiar with the flavors they describe. Happily, everything I tried at JuJuBe was excellent. If you’re looking for unique twists on Asian flavors, JuJuBe is a great place to (JuJu)be. See what I did there? I’m hilarious.

What about you readers? Tried any fun new restaurants lately?

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