Mindy’s Hot Chocolate – Chicago

Last time, I told you about how Meredyth and I had pie for breakfast. This time I’m going to show you our second breakfast spot – Hot Chocolate.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate Chicago

Meredyth made us a reservation and it was a good thing she did! When we arrived ten minutes before Hot Chocolate opened, there was already a line and people were putting their names down for the hour long wait for a table.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate Chicago

When you go to a place called Hot Chocolate, you can’t not try the hot chocolate (although Meredyth did and had coffee instead, shame on her). They had several different options, but I went for their classic hot chocolate. I asked for whipped cream when ordering and was laughed at by our server who promised to bring me their home made marshmallows. He was right, I didn’t need whipped cream. It was the richest, creamiest hot chocolate I have ever had. It was like drinking a melted chocolate bar, and felt very decadent. In some ways it was less of a drink and more like a dessert in the way that a milk shake is.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate Chicago

In my no calorie left behind weekend, I ordered the french toast done bananas foster style, and swapped my sausage for potatoes. The french toast was good, but I really wanted to rave about the potatoes. They were crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside in a way I did not understand – how does one cook potatoes in such a way? I have no idea, but I loved them.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate Chicago

If you are in Chicago and are a chocolate lover, you owe it to yourself to give Hot Chocolate a try.

What about you readers, have you ever been to Hot Chocolate in Chicago? Or is there another place you know of that does ‘the best hot chocolate’?

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