Tangled the Series: A Fan Review

Rapunzel is very important to me. She got me to Disneyworld to live my dream working there, even if it was only for a short while and was very different than I expected and permanently damaged my knees but that’s another story. So when I heard that Disney was making a Tangled tv series I was excited, and nervous. And also very protective of my princess. I’ve seen spin offs and sequels go bad. Way, way bad. I didn’t want to see that happen with Rapunzel or Tangled.

Tangled the Series

One of my biggest concerns going in was the animation style. Early looks at the cartoony style didn’t wow me. They looked flat and not at all like the gorgeous designs from Tangled. However, the style has grown on me since seeing it in action. I still would have loved to see the show done in the style of the movie, but it’s clear that a lot of work has been put into the details and making the show look good.

It’s a little jarring when you still gifs from the movie and gifs from the show right next to each other. When not in comparison however, I am starting to enjoy the show’s animation.

I really like that the original cast is back for the show. It shows a lot of confidence in the vision for the tv series, and also helps the characters feel more like themselves. That’s something the show has handled really well so far – the characters feel like the ones we got to know and love in the movie. We’re seeing new facets of their personalities, but they feel genuine to the characters. They haven’t dumbed down any characters for the cartoon (except maybe Eugene a little), or manufactured drama just for drama’s sake.

Also, super importantly, Eugene and Rapunzel? Still #relationshipgoals

The new characters are pretty solid so far. I like that they gave Rapunzel a female friend in Cassandra. That said she needs to stop driving a wedge between Rapunzel and Eugene. Gurl. Rapunzel’s parents are getting fleshed out and I’m really enjoying seeing a Disney character whose parents are actively not dead. Also, female villainess Lady Caine? Yes, she can come back that would be okay.

Tangled the tv show lady caine

We’ve only had the mini movie and one episode so far, so maybe it’s a little premature, but so far I’m giving this series the thumbs up. Don’t let me down Tangled: The Series! It’s only been on twice, but it’s already become my new Friday night tradition.

What about you readers? Are you watching Tangled: The Series?

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