Dear Dumb World: Women’s Fashion Designers

Dear women’s fashion designers,

If you wander over from the bright lights and perfume cloud that is the women’s department over to the men’s department you will notice that men’s sizes are roughly the same, regardless of brand. Why do you not believe in regular sizing? Men’s fashion designers believe in it. Instead, you continue to make up women’s sizes.  Men’s pants have long been sized by their waist and their in-seam. Why are my pants marked with an arbitrary number instead? Women already have so many weird dimensions to deal with. Standardizing sizes would make it easier for us to buy clothes. This would mean more money for you. It’s a win-win.

Pockets. I want pockets.

There are so many wonderful colors in the rainbow, why do you choose chartreuse. No one looks good in chartreuse. Redheads you say? No, not even redheads.

Are you designing your shirts for snowmen with stick arms? Why are sleeves cut so tight? My arms are not abnormally large. I wish I worked out that much, but I don’t.

I would like an option between booty shorts and shapeless baggy shorts that go to my knees.

Also, I would like pockets.

Let’s agree to stop using thin fabric. I already bought your clothing so I would not walk around naked and/ or flashing my undergarments. I shouldn’t have to buy more clothes to wear over said undergarments, but under your sheer clothes. Don’t be ridiculous. I am not fancy enough to wear a slip under a casual sun dress. I do not want to wear a tank top underneath my other tank top. Here’s a test: If you can stick you hand up against the fabric and see your hand, then it’s too thin.


Katie (&Cat)

Katie&Cat -Stay Magical Readers

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One thought on “Dear Dumb World: Women’s Fashion Designers

  1. Good comments. Taciana is an exception to chartreuse – but she can wear baby poop green, khaki mud, mustard yellow and dirty tan green. She manages also to look thirty when she is actually fift y.Did I mention that she seldom wears makeup?

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