Wonder Woman

I loved Wonder Woman. It made me want to go out and punch bad guys and fight sexists (the two often overlap so that saves some time).

There have been plenty of reviews that say all the things I want to say only more eloquently. So this won’t be a comprehensive review, but I enjoyed the movie so much I couldn’t not cobble a post together. So some random thoughts:

*Here the be spoilers!*

  • I want to live on Thestria Temstiria Themyscira. Or at least go there on vacation. The scenery was amazing and it had a bunch of super amazing women doing super amazing things. Sign me up.
  • Diana wandering around London and just not understanding the patriarchy and stuff was amazing, because obviously to an outside eye all that inequality is ridiculous.
  • I loved that Diana kicked ass, but also liked babies. Too often when we get these “strong female characters” their writers feel the need to rid them of anything possibly feminine. Women can be powerful and still like kittens and pink.
  • That scene where she crosses No Man’s Land. I can’t even begin to talk about how amazing that moment was. I have been waiting my whole life for a female superhero to get to have a moment like this.

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  • It was amazing how many times they flipped the male/ female dynamics. Diana saving Steve from drowning, Diana first talking to him when he’s in the bath. Hilarious.
  • Of all Diana’s powers, the one I want the most is the ability to speak so many languages. No joke.
  • Ending spoilers!! Some people are saying they didn’t like the final battle. I did. A lot of critiques I’ve read seem to have interpreted the battle as Diana defeating Ares and thus solving all of mankind’s problems. But that’s exactly opposite of what Ares was saying. He specifically explains that he doesn’t make anyone do anything, he just plays on the darkness already in humans. Defeating Ares doesn’t change that humans have darkness in them (heck WWII happens only a couple decades later), but that Diana acknowledges humans have both good and bad in them and that the good is worth fighting for.
  • Plus big ending battles are kind of a staple of the superhero genre. I wanted my girl to get her big superhero battle and she did. She got knocked down so many times and she kept getting back up.
  • I have had basically zero interest in DC’s film attempts recently, but I went to this on the opening weekend I was so pumped.

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  • Marvel basically has no excuses for not making a Black Widow movie now. Just saying. And a Black Widow movie would the perfect time to recon the ridiculously bad decision to shoehorn in a romance between Black Widow and the Hulk when clearly she and Clint are where it’s at. I pretend Clint’s wife and kids are his sister and his nieces and nephews instead it’s fine I’m not in denial.

Back to Wonder Woman. It was amazing. You should all go see it. I may go see it again in theaters which is basically unheard of for me (I think the last time that happened was with Frozen, which I saw like 4 times).

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