Closet Cosplay: Gravity Falls’ Wendy

Recently, I’ve been on a cartoon kick and someone recommended I try Gravity Falls. A bunch of my friends watched it in college, but I had seen it. A few episodes later and I was hooked. It’s a bizarre show, but a lot of fun.

As I watched I realized I could pull together a closet cosplay of the character Wendy fairly easily. I think closet cosplays are fun, and a nice change since I usually want to cosplay more involved, fantastical looks. Strangely, one of my most popular posts on this blog is the time I did a closet cosplay of Clarke Griffin from The 100. Why? I have no idea, because there are plenty of fair more legit Clarke cosplays than my 10 minute one.

But anyway, Wendy! I have a wig that I bought for my Giselle costume (the one I wore at Mickey’s Not So Scary a couple years ago), but the wig doesn’t work quite the way I wanted for Giselle. Worked okay for a 5 minute Wendy costume!

Gravity Falls Wendy Cosplay

If I were to cosplay this for real I would need Wendy’s hat. I would probably also opt for a greener shirt, mine is really more teal than Wendy’s shirt is in the show. She also has straight hair, but I’m kind of digging how the curly hair looks.

Gravity Falls Wendy Cosplay

Like my fake journal #3? It’s a copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire without the dust jacket and a photoshopped on handprint. Super legit guys. Lots of work went into this cosplay.

Gravity Falls Wendy Cosplay

We’ve been really busy working on our real cosplays for the con this weekend, so this was a nice little break. It would also be really fun to cosplay Mabel from Gravity Falls. Like her, I have a collection of colorful sweaters with animal pictures on them. I don’t have any that light up though, which is a real shame.

Have you guys watched any fun new shows recently? Any other fans of Gravity Falls in the house?
Katie and Cat

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