Regency Rapunzel Cosplay

Wow, long time no blog! But I’m back with the details on how I made my Regency Rapunzel dress.

It all started one weekend when I decided I was going to sew a thing. I didn’t know what thing, but it was happening. I wandered around the fabric store looking at fabrics and generally being unproductive. I’d been thinking about sewing a Regency style Rapunzel dress for a while, but I couldn’t find any fabric I liked. Frustrated, I went home.

The next day I went back to the fabric store, because who needs a a social life. This time, while looking through the sale racks I found a gorgeous orchid colored chiffon. Sold. I found some fabric to go underneath and then wandered over to look at patterns. In the picture below the two pink/ purple fabrics are for Regency Rapunzel and the green are for a different project.

Regency Rapunzel

The Regency pattern I liked best was McCall M7493, a take on the dresses from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Ironically, it looked more authentic to me than the historical based patterns. The front of the pattern only shows the dress with a spencer or a long jacket, but on the back it shows the actual cut of the dress underneath. During my research on Regency dresses, the one I liked best was this one. I wanted to mirror the way trim was used on that dress, so I bought trim to go on the bodice and at the bottom of the skirt.

Regency Rapunzel

The fabric I chose made dress construction a little tricky. I was layering two fabrics, so I had to cut double pieces of everything. Additionally, the chiffon was very slippery and prone to pulling, so I had to be very careful when I worked with it.

I finished cutting out all the pieces and finished sewing the bodice in a single evening. McCall’s pattern was very straight forward, and I didn’t have to make alterations. The only change I made was adding a ruched panel to the front of the bodice to better mimic the historical dress I found during my research.

Regency Rapunzel

The next day I finished sewing the skirt into place. Then I had to wait for my parents to get back from vacation because I couldn’t pin myself into the dress to check the fit. The dress ended up fitting pretty well, except for pulling a little in the bodice. I took off the sleeves and sewed them on again with a narrower seam allowance to help with this.

The only thing I didn’t do on my own was sew the button holes. I’ve never used a machine to sew buttonholes, and my mum hadn’t even tried it on her machine. She played around with it and got them sewn, then I added the buttons (fake pink pearls from the thrifted jacket I bought for my Cinderella cosplay).

Regency Rapunzel Cosplay

I’m really proud of how my Regency Rapunzel dress turned out. It showcases how much I’ve learned about sewing this year.

Regency Rapunzel Cosplay

I paired it with my Rapunzel wig by Fairytale Wigs, drop pearl earrings, and vintage opera gloves.

Regency Rapunzel Cosplay Regency Rapunzel Cosplay

Thanks for reading!

Katie and Cat

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