Sophie Foster Cosplay

Since I first read the Keepers of the Lost Cities series, I’ve wanted to do a cosplay for it. I always thought I would do an original design cosplay for the character Oralie, a member of the elf council. Then author Shannon Messenger released this art she had commissioned of Sophie Foster, the main character.

And I thought to myself, hey that looks easy, I could probably make that. I was half right. I could make that, but it was not easy. There was no pattern for this dress, so I had to try to alter a pattern I found. It only partially worked. Then I realized that I had cut some things wrong, but didn’t have enough fabric to recut them entirely… it was messy.

Sophie Foster Cosplay

The cape pattern was simple, but I had to alter it as well to make it the length I wanted. And then my fabric wasn’t as wide as I needed it to be, so I ended up having to cut some of the pattern pieces into pieces and cut them out and then sew them together.


Sophie Foster Cosplay

The only thing that went together the way I expected was the pin. In the books, Sophie Foster wears a pin with her adopted family’s crest on it. Sophie is wearing it in the image I was referencing, but it’s hard to see. Luckily, Shannon Messenger previously posted a drawing where the crest was more detailed.

Sophie Foster

I’m dying a little inside because Shannon Messenger is coming on her book tour to my state for the first time ever… and I’m going to be in Florida. I can’t complain too much because I’ll be at Disneyworld, but I am disappointed that I won’t get to show her my cosplay.

Sophie Foster Cosplay

If you haven’t read this series yet, definitely give it a try! It’s one of my favorites.

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