A Christmas Prince

I hadn’t planned to start my annual tradition of watching bad Christmas movies while my Thanksgiving turkey was still digesting, but A Christmas Prince popped up on my Netflix suggested list (oh Netflix, you know me so well), and I couldn’t resist. What’s not to like? Young American woman travels to small, fictional European country and winds up snagging the prince. Count me in.

A Christmas Prince

The Christmas movie about girl meets prince is a story that’s been told before. I know this because I have watched them all. I’m talking about you A Princess for Christmas, A Royal Christmas, and Crown for Christmas. They even filmed this movie at the same castle they used for A Princess for Christmas. So if you’re expecting something groundbreakingly different, you won’t find it. But let’s be honest, if you’re watching this movie it’s because you know what you like, and what you like is Christmas movies where American girls fall in love with princes. And take romantic snowy walks with said prince, and wear pretty dresses because there is always a ball at the end of the movie.

So in that regard, A Christmas Prince did everything I expected it to. It satisfied all my desires for a royally good time (see what I did there?), but it also had a few surprising elements. The prince’s sister, Emily (because there is always a young child in these movies), suffers from spina bifida. I liked that the movie didn’t make this the center of Emily’s character. It’s part of her character arc as she gains confidence, but we learn a lot of other things about Emily as well. There is more going on in Emily’s life than just her disability, and the movie shows that.

There was also a twist I didn’t see coming, as well as a riddle involved that was interesting. I won’t spoil them for you. In a movie that’s mostly predictable, it was nice to have a few unexpected moments.

Cheesy? Yes. Cliche? Also yes. But did the people who made this movie know exactly what they were doing? Absolutely yes. If you’re one to complain about Christmas movies, skip this one. But if you’re like me, and enjoy your Christmas movies swimming in royal cheese, then A Christmas Prince should be on the top of your Christmas to-watch list.

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