Resolutions 2017 Review

On January 1st, 2017 I made a set of resolutions for the year. On the last day of 2017, it’s time to see how I did!

Finish my novel! – This will probably be on my list forever until I actually finish and publish a novel. Or maybe it’ll still be on my resolutions list after that as “finish my next novel”.

I did some writing this year (I finished Nanowrimo again!), but didn’t get any book ready to submit to publishers. Next year!

Sew things – I did some sewing this year and I loved getting to see my skills improve. This year I want to sew even more costumes and attend some cons to wear them!

Success! I did really well on this goal! I sewed a bunch of things (which I wrote about here), and my skills improved so much! Didn’t do as well on attending more cons to show off the costumes I made, but I had a blast at the one I did go to.

Victorian Ariel Cosplay Skirt Trim

Earn my teacher’s license – I just have my student teaching this semester and then passing the PRAXIS left. Then I’ll be a ~real~ teacher.

Success! I got my teaching license this spring and have been teaching 6th grade ELA since August.

Colorful Bright Classroom KatieandCat

Travel! – I did a lot of traveling in 2016 and loved it. I want to keep it up in 2017! I especially want to make it to Disneyworld and Disneyland this year, it’s been too long since I’ve been to Disney and I miss it. I also want to try to make it to another new country.

Not only did I get to Disneyworld multiple times this year (although not Disneyland), I went to New Zealand! How’s that for a new country? There were also trips to New York, Chicago, and around North Carolina.

Stay in touch with friends – I am not good at keeping in contact with my friends who live far away. This year I will do better, starting with visiting friends who I have been promising to visit and haven’t (hi Meredyth, Brennen, Casey).

Success! I visited Brennen and Meredyth this year. For the 4th of July, I also got to see a bunch of friends who had gathered in NYC. Still need to work on more regular contact (texting/ calling).

Hoosier Mama Pie Company - Chicago

Fight the orange menace – Support efforts to protect human rights and protest the man with tiny hands.

In January I went to Washington, DC for the Women’s March and this summer I went to the sit in at the Silent Sam statute on UNC campus. I also called a bunch of representatives, which is a first for me. There’s a lot more I want to do, but it’s a start.

Try new things – I don’t know what those new things will be, but I want to do them!

Success? It’s hard to quantify this one since I wasn’t specific, but I tried new things! My mum and I tried Disney Dapper Days for the first time (loveee!), I got to feed lemurs, and teaching is a new adventure every day…

Be more – patient, kind, forgiving, generous, brave, adventurous.

I hope so.

So long 2017, it’s been real.

Katie and Cat

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