What is this blog about? Whatever I’m in the mood for! Usually that means book reviews, travel adventures, restaurant reviews, crafty projects, and random life thoughts. It also often means cats and sometimes cupcakes.

Hi! I’m Katie and I’m quickly realizing how awkward it is write “about me” sections. The daughter of two diplomats, I grew up overseas (Mexico, the Philippines, Italy, and China). I am a University of Richmond alumna (Go Spiders!), where I was a member of the Quidditch team. After graduating, I spent several months working for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Now I’m a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher!

My interests include reading, writing, photography, travel, cats, chocolate, and Disney. <3

My photography portfolio can be viewed here: katherineskipper.com


The “& cat” of this blog is my cat Jemma Jinx. I adopted her from the Pet Alliance of Orlando in July of 2015. Jemma Jinx is affectionate and playful, and her hobbies include napping, following me from room to room, and attacking bits of string.

The other “& cat” is my family cat Harry Potter. I started the blog when I was on my own with Jemma Jinx, hence the singular cat in the title, but since I’m back home for now I don’t want Harry to be left out of the fun. We adopted Harry in 2001 when we were living in Italy. Our friends picked him up off the streets of Elba and he’s traveled the world with us since. He’s an incredibly sweet and very talkative. He doesn’t know quite what to make of feisty little sister Jemma Jinx.







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