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I, like most people, make a few new year’s resolutions every year which are usually forgotten by the time February rolls around. This doesn’t stop me from making resolutions though, and this time I plan to include concrete goals to measure my achievements instead of generic open ended goals (ie. Get better at Spanish. Well what measures better?). I’m hoping with some set mini goals to help me towards my larger goals, I’ll be more likely to actually accomplish them.

Learn to Sew

This has made my list the last few years but I’ve always struggled to accomplish it. I know basic sewing, nothing complicated, but yet get bored by sewing simple things because I’m the kind of person who likes to jump in the deep end with projects. Inevitably this leads to frustration when I don’t actually have the skills needed to craft the costumes I’d like to. So this year I will learn to sew for real with these concrete goals:

  • Sew something using a pattern
  • Sew something that can be worn in real life
  • Sew a cosplay of a character I like
  • Sew a historical costume

Write my Novel

I’ve wanted to be a novelist for years and I’ve actually made some headway. 2015 was my tenth year successfully competing in National Novel Writing Month, so I know I can write a longer piece but after a month of writing with reckless abandon I freeze up when trying to write later. No more. If I want to be published by 25 (a loose goal) then I need to buckle down. I’m currently writing a novel (it’s at roughly 35,000?), so these are all in regards to that book.

  • Write 10,000  a month until completion of novel. That’s only 334 words a day. If I can write 50,000 in a month then 10,000 should be doable.
  • Ideally then, I should be done with a rough draft by no later than May or June. I will then give a copy to my editor (aka my mum) for grammatical and spelling checks, and to read through for larger plotholes/ problems.
  • After I have my second draft, I will then send it out to a few test readers (aka a handful of friends) for further feedback.
  • Polish, polish, polish and then start researching publishers and agents. Ahhhh.

Exercise/ Train for the Princess Half-Marathon!

I signed up for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Glass Slipper challenge (run the 10K and the half-marathon) last summer. Then I injured my knees and could barely walk. Womp womp. Luckily, last week I graduated from physical therapy. My knees are far from where they used to be but I’m going to be on that starting line in February, even if I know I won’t be able to finish.

  • Ideally, exercise at least 3 times a week. I’m not going to set this in stone though because once I start my job my free time will be limited and as long as I get to the gym at all I see that as a win.
  • Speaking of the half-marathon I need to book my flight.

¡Learn Spanish!

I may have grown up overseas, but I am not good at languages (even though I studied 4 – Spanish, Italian, French, and Chinese) and I am unconvinced I ever will be. However, as my new job (pending a background clearance!) will involve me working with kids who might not speak English as a first language, I want to be proactive and try learning some Spanish.

  • I’m not 100% how I want to do this, but I’m leaning towards Duolingo. In that case my goal would be to master a couple lessons a week, time permitting.


I love traveling and want to do more of it in 2016 – visiting friends or visiting places that I’ve never been.

  • This might be a long shot goal, but I want to leave the country in 2016. However, time and money are limiting factors.
  • Visit University of Richmond for RCI/ go to the Quidditch World Cup. I’ll probably do whichever of these more of my fellow alumni are going to so I can see the most people possible. Not that either are that far away so in theory I could probably do both if I wanted to.

I also have goals of being nicer, more patient, and being more outgoing but I don’t have set paths for those.

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