Cosplay 2017 Round Up

Everyone else is doing a Cosplay Round Up post for 2017, so I wanted to be like the cool kids and do one too.

First up, my Rapunzel Dirndl. This was the first significant cosplay I made for myself where I did everything without help. It hit some road bumps, but I’m proud of it! I do wish I had gotten better pictures of all the embroidery around the hem. Maybe I’ll take some new photos sometime and also wear my new wig.

Rapunzel Tangled Dirndl Cosplay

This one is barely a cosplay since I just pulled things out of my closet, but Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls. Mostly significant because that show is amazing and I’m so glad I finally watched. Thinking about it is making me want to re-watch it. I also have 90% of the pieces for my Mabel Pines cosplay, so I should get on that…

Gravity Falls Wendy Cosplay

Victorian Ariel – My mum did most of the heavy lifting on this one. I designed it and helped with stuff like hemming and petticoats, but she did all the tricky bits. My mum and I wore these costumes to Raleigh Supercon and it was a blast! I loved getting to meet so many other cosplayers and see how creative everyone is. Plus, you know me, any excuse to dress up…

Victorian Ariel Cosplay

Raleigh Supercon 2017

Cinderella was my first attempt at a classic ballgown. I’m very pleased with how well the skirt turned out. The bodice presented a number of problems, but I’ve learned a lot from all of them and I’m proud I finished this. Sometime in the future I’d like to make a new version of the bodice to go with this skirt. And maybe make a petticoat to go with this and my future ballgown endeavors.

Disney Cinderella Cosplay

My Regency Rapunzel gown is a prime example of how I either finish a cosplay project in 24 hours or take months. I finished everything but the hem and the buttons on this one in about 2 days. I see a few flaws in it, but I’m so happy with the overall construction and with how well the back fits! This dress is something I never would have been able to make on my own this time last year.

Regency Rapunzel Cosplay

I love Sophie Foster from Shannon Messenger’s Keepers of the Lost Cities series, but this costume was a PAIN. Which I deserve because the whole time I kept telling myself “oh this one will be so easy!” I jinxed it. First there wasn’t as much fabric as I thought there was, then I cut one of the pattern pieces for the dress wrong. The cloak involved a lot of piecing fabric together because the pieces weren’t quite as wide as the pattern. It got done, but my mum had to step in at the end and I finished frustrated. I am pleased with how the pin turned out though! Sophie Foster

Remember the 24 hours or several months rule? There are also multiple cosplays that I started this year, but will have to finish next year. My Briar Rose, Mabel Pines, Christmas Rapunzel, and Rapunzel Concept Art are all at various stages of competition, and those are just the ones I’ve actually started. I’ve bought fabric for at least half a dozen others. I’m not addicted I can stop buying fabric any time I want! *eye twitch*

Even with just the handful of cosplays I finished this year, I could feel my skills improving! I’m very excited to see how far I’ve come this time next year! Stay tuned, next up will be a post about what cosplays I’m hoping to tackle in 2018!

Katie and Cat